WordPress Theme (Template)

WordPress Theme

What is a WordPress theme? This is a guide to WordPress themes (templates). Basic information is taken from the official manual and from personal experience.

A WordPress theme is a set of css, js, php files that, together with WordPress and plugins, display information from the database on the screen in a beautiful and convenient form (design).

Thus, if you change the theme, the site changes its appearance, looks different. There are thousands of free themes on WordPress.org. You can install themes in the admin area from the library to your WordPress site in one click.

WordPress Theme
WordPress Theme

Despite the wide range of topics, many people choose to create their own. This is primarily due to the fact that creating a simple theme is not difficult.

Required files
You only need two files to create a theme:
  1. index.php – the main theme file responsible for displaying content
  2. style.css – main style file responsible for css styles

But in reality, no theme consists of just two files. There are more of them: PHP, language files, CSS and JS files, text files. The theme starts with two files, and then, for convenience, expands with the addition of files such as:

  • header.php – responsible for displaying the header
  • footer.php – responsible for displaying the footer
  • sidebar.php – responsible for displaying the sidebar
  • page.php – responsible for displaying a separate page (post)
  • etc.
Theme features

The theme’s possibilities are essentially endless because you can fully use PHP. BUT! A theme is intended to display site content in a specific way, not to add functionality to the site. Therefore, it is customary to limit the capabilities of the theme to those who are responsible for the appearance, and all other functions: voting, ratings, redirects, SEO, etc. are performed in plugins.

Thus, a theme can:
  • Responsible for displaying site content for different types of devices: monitors and smartphones. These themes are called responsive. Also, themes can be fixed, one-column, two-column, etc .;
  • The theme can display any content;
  • You can specify what content will be displayed to different users;
  • You can use any design elements (pictures, videos).

Like any website, a theme is more than a color scheme, a layout, and a pretty picture. Truly quality themes are also very functional. The theme’s functionality lies in its flexible customization. Those. it doesn’t add anything new to the site, but it is perfectly customizable to the owner’s taste. For example: the background image is set, the colors of the elements are changed, the menu and content blocks (widgets) are configured.

Thus, the theme is responsible for displaying content on the page, and the plugin is required to implement the site’s functionality.

Therefore, any functionality related to editing by adding site content is the responsibility of the plugin.

  1. You can create a website without coding knowledge, that is, without programming knowledge !!!
    1. Install the WordPress platform.
    2. Download theme
    3. And download plugins
Good luck in creating sites !!!

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